What is Castmarker?

With Castmarker you can easily set markers for your audio or video recordings.

You record a podcast and don't want to listen to the whole recording again? Then simply set a marker wherever you want to cut something.

You are planning to make clips? An interview? Or different takes? Then mark the best moments during the recording as favorites and add notes. In the end you have everything with just one click inside your DAW.

Create markers

Castmarker only sets markers and does not record audio/video itself!

  1. Start your audio or video recording
  2. When recording on a computer, make sure you record the computer sound or hold a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to your microphone. You will hear an audible signal when you start, which you will later need to synchronize the markers. The beep must be on the recording!
  3. Press the play button in Castmarker - you can hear the beep. Now you can set new markers via (+). If you like a moment especially, you can set it as a favourite (*) or write a description. If you want to delete a marker, simply click on the remove button. At the end you can stop the timer with the stop button.
  4. Now you can enter a file name at the bottom of the page and export the markers for further editing in Adobe Audition or Reaper/Ultraschall.
    A .csv-file will be created, which you can save.

Import markers

  1. First you have to synchronize your recording. This is very easy: You load the file into your editing program and find the acoustic signal of Castmarker, then you cut everything that happens before that, so that the beep starts at 00:00:000.
  2. Afterwards you open the window "Marker/Cues" via "View” and import your markers by right-clicking. Then select the downloaded marker file and you're done.


In which programs can I import the markers from Castmarker?

Currently Castmarker supports the file formats for Reaper/Ultrasonic and Adobe Audition. The import into other programs is planned or already possible via workarounds.

You can also save chapters in MP4Chaps format and import them on many podcast platforms (e.g. via Podlove).

Import markers into Audacity
Currently the markers cannot be imported into Audacity. An export to the "Label" format of Audacity will follow in a future version.

Import markers into Adobe Premiere Pro / Adobe After Effects
Neither Premiere nor After Effects offer the possibility of directly importing marker data (what's going on over there, Adobe?!!) But there is a (somewhat cumbersome) workaround:

  1. Save the markers in Audition format
  2. Open Audition and create a new file. Add a noise via "Effect → Generate → Noise". The type of noise doesn't matter, the duration should be a little longer than your recording (the last set marker in castmarker shows you the duration).
  3. Import your markers into this track and save it. Important: If you save the file (as mp3), make sure that “save markers into file” is checked.
  4. Open Premiere / After Effects and import the sound file with the noise and drag it into your timeline. You should now see markers and you can use this (muted) file as a marker in your timeline.

Import markers into Blackmagic Davinci Resolve
Currently markers cannot be loaded in Davinci Resolve, the export to this marker-format will be included in a future version.

Import markers into ProTools
With the free tool Edimarker you can convert Reaper markers into ProTools markers.

Import markers into Hindenburg or Studio One
Neither Studio One nor Hindenburg allow the import of markers, so unfortunately these programs cannot be supported.

Import markers as chapters
You can save the markers in the well-known MP4Chaps format as chapters for podcasts or CD productions and import into various podcast-platforms (e.g. Podlove), or convert them into other chapter formats using various online converters.

Which apps are available?

Currently Castmarker is available as web app and Android app.
An app for Windows is currently being developed.
Apple and iOS support is not planned yet, because it's very expensive to make the program available in the App Store - if you support the project, it might someday work out ;) !

How can I support the project?

I'm glad that you like Castmarker and maybe even save yourself some time by using it.

First of all: Tell your friends about Castmarker so that more people become aware of the tool.
If you also want to support me financially, buy the Android app or leave a few bucks via the PayPal link. Thanks a lot, here’s a virtual cookie: 🍪!


Robin Thier
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